Warmaster’s Workshop

Warmaster’s Workshop

Tom’s knowledge and experience in Mandalorian armorsmithing goes back over a decade, as one of less than a hand-full of individuals in the world who began working with metal as a medium for Mandalorian armor costumes.  Since that time, Tom has built over 20 sets of metal Mandalorian armor, using ancient traditions and modern technology to craft some of the most hyper-realistic STAR WARS© costumes in existence today.   A major supporting in disseminating Mandalorian armorsmithing knowledge to others, in 2015 Tom began the “Warmaster’s Workshop” educational initiative.

The mission of the initiative is simple; by teaching others about Mandalorian armorsmithing, it will encourage them to be creative and inventive with their own costumes.  From this, new styles and techniques will rise to encourage even more creativity.

Tom’s video tutorials are free to the public, and are hosted on the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club’s YouTube Channel.  Tom also travels around the world teaching Mandalorian cosplay workshops and attending convention panels to speak about Mandalorians, there history, armor, and the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.

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Warmaster’s Workshop Tutorials

Warmaster’s Workshop Master Class Tutorials

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