In the Beginning…

When I first came into Mandalorian cosplay, there was no organized group for Mandalorian cosplayers.  We had a couple different “gathering spots” online, one being The Dented Helmet and the other being Heroes, Villains, and Mandalorians.  Both of these online forums provided a place for interested individuals to find resources on building a custom Mandalorian costume, but neither provided any real-world representation at events where we might wear our costumes.  While working on my first Mandalorian costume, I realized that if Mandalorian cosplay were to ever be taken seriously by the more established groups…we would have to organize into a group of our own.

Using the name of my guild from the “STAR WARS: GALAXIES” mmorpg, I created the “Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club” as the nexus for Mandalorian cosplay.  Over the next decade it grew to become the world’s largest organization of its type, and a global non-profit dedicated to inspiring hope through creativity and fandom.

STAR WARS: GALAXIES character “Novall Talon”. (2004)

Master Mandalorian Armorsmith

Over the past 11 years, I’ve been successful at merging the techniques of period armorsmithing with modern technology to create some of the worlds’s more realistic Mandalorian cosplay.  Using my knowledge of “Mandalorian” armorsmithing, I’ve helped collaborate on various STAR WARS™ “Legends” material.  The most recent work being Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett.  These days I dedicate a large portion of my free time to teaching others about armorsmithing, the “Mandalorian way”, and passing on my knowledge to those interested in learning.  You can find out more about Mandalorian armorsmithing by checking out Warmaster’s Workshop.

Hand wrought Mandalorian armor from steel.

Prop Builder Extraordinaire

I’ve built several large props throughout the past decade, but my crowning achievement is the “Jai’galaar Class, Mandalorian Landspeeder”; a 1:1 sized, fully operational STAR WARS™ vehicle.  The landspeeder has been featured in articles on starwars.com, as well as on Discovery Canada’s “Daily Planet” TV show.  The vehicle has made apperiances up and down the eastern US seaboard, as well as all the way out to California.  At 14.5′ long and 7.5′ wide, it is the largest fully functional “landspeeder” vehicle in the world.

Addition to the “Legends” material

As the years roll by, I find myself more and more immersed in STAR WARS™ as an ambassador of the fandom.  Eventually, “Mandalore the Uniter” was added to Legends book material as a character who became the father of modern Mandalorian armor.  In 2014, the character made it’s first visual appearance in Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett one of the most in-depth pieces of STAR WARS™ literature on the Mandalorian culture. 

“Mandalore the Uniter”  as depicted in Bounty Hunter Code.  Artist: Mark McHaley

Global Appearances

Representing one of the world’s largest STAR WARS™ costume organizations, and Mandalorian fandom in general means I often travel to different parts of the world to meet fans.  The primary goal in all my travels is to promote the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, and inspire creativity by teaching others about Mandalorian cosplay.  I’ve hosted panels and workshops around the world on these subjects, as well as on Mandalorians in general.  Mandalorians have the richest and most written about culture in STAR WARS™, including their own language and alphabet.  There’s always something to talk about with fans, and I enjoy speaking about Mandalorians, STAR WARS™, and Cosplay.  Perhaps you’ll see me at a convention or event near you!